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Mr. Lee Seng Hwee

Telephone Numbers:
(65) 9633 6050
(65) 6475 4659

Fax: (65) 6397 0807

No. 8
Jalan Kilang Timor
#03-09 Kewalram House
Singapore 159305

Welcome to the Chip Eng Foodstuffs Private Limited Website! We are a leading importer and exporter in Singapore. For further information on our products, please contact our person-in-charge, Mr. Lee Seng Hwee.

NEW!Try our newly imported EMME Instant Rice. Just add boiling water and enjoy delicious rice in 8 minutes time. Comes in 2 delicious flavour: Assorted Mushroom, Crab Flavor Seafood. Suitable for office workers & travellers. Available at all Prime Supermarket, NTUC FAIRPRICE and Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium.

We deal in preserved, dried, and cooked fruits and vegetables such as preserved plums, peaches, mango, etc. We also deal in biscuits, cakes, pastry, confectionery, toys and many more.

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